Order Management, Inventory Management & Accounting
for B2B & B2C traders in Wholesale or Retail trading

TEZ ERP® is an end-to-end solution for B2B and B2C traders engaged in wholesale, retail or distribution business. It has everthing that a trader needs, including order management, multi-location inventory management, receivable management and integrated accounting. It offers flexible work-flow with which you can configured as per your business requirement.

Order Management

TEZ ERP® supports complete order management cycle, right from receiving a sales order to dispatching of goods. A mobile-responsive design allows you to capture orders at source by allowing sales executives to enter their orders from any location. Executives can see current stock-levels and book orders in real time, without having to call the back-office.

Approval system allows you to control inputs from sales executives. As per your work-flow, sales orders can easily be converted to Delivery Challans, Proforma Invoice or a Sales Invoice.

Order management system tracks pending orders and allows you to manage order execution by prioritizing orders as per stock-in-hand based or order value, due-date and other parameters.

For back-to-back orders, you can create purchase orders directly from sales orders and then manage the PO as required. Purchase Order Management helps you quickly place PO by automatically computing required quantities based on pending sales orders, indents received, stock-in-hand, goods in transit, minimum stock levels required etc. You can then track pending POs, convert PO to GRN or purchase bills with a single click.

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Multi-location Inventory Management

TEZ ERP® is a truly multi-user and multi-location system which supports multiple companies, multiple branches and multiple departments to work in tandem. You can allow users to check inventory levels at each location (based on their security rights) in real-time, and book orders based on exact information. ERP tracks orders booked, stock-in-hand, despatches and billing at each location and shows you the information in real-time without having to synchronize data.

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Indents and Stock Transfers

Branches can create indents (Material-requisition) based on orders received and current stock levels. Warehouse can check pending indents and issue material against indents. They can create purchase orders based on stock-in-hand.

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Integrated accounting ensures that orders, inventories and finance are managed in sync. It simplifies the process and avoids duplication of work.

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Receivable Management

Receivable management system helps you improve the cash-flow in your business. Invoices can be automatically sent to customers through SMS, WhatsApp and Email, as soon as they are created. Automated alerts to customers, agents and accounting team simplifies the process of following-up on pending bills. Integrated payment gateway simplifies the collection process by allowing customers to make payments using debit card, credit card or net banking, and automatically creating receipts for successful payments.

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