Responsiveness is increasingly becoming a critical parameter of excellent customer service. Automation is the answer

Here is our gift to you for using our new-age accounting software. You get an integrated quotations management module with its easy to use and flexible feature that allows your company to create, submit, and track quotations followed by automatic order management and invoicing.

The quotation management feature in our software includes designing and automating client’s quotation. It aims to improve client’s business efficiency in creating, generating, and emailing quotations, maintaining all relevant information about its customer, including and providing enhanced reporting features. You can use this feature to gather as much information about a prospect as possible, as well as identify the needs of the potential customers. Clients who manage their quotation in spreadsheets, find searching them a tiring job as there is no central repository of references. But a well-defined CRM software with integrated accounting, makes your job a lot simpler and more manageable.

The Benefits of Quotation Management Feature in your software are as follows:

  1. Managing all your quotation records in one user-interface friendly system with the necessary standards of tracking
  2. Email directly from the system software
  3. Status-tracking of all quotations using customized reports simplifying the workflow
  4. Attaching supporting documents to a quote which can be either for external or internal use
  5. Generating sales orders from the quotations issued
  6. A central repository for all the quotes
  7. Integration with other application for easy and fast sharing of contents and data
Have you started using an integrated quotations management system or are still stuck with the traditional methods of sending quotations?

Our quotation management system offers various services with outstanding features, with which you can efficiently structure your quotes and invoices. Ideal for every industry starting from shopping, automobiles, FMCG, IT, Constructions to healthcare and many more, quotation management is considered as the focal point of sales and profits as it helps to deliver accuracy efficiently.

With TEZ ERP® business accounting software and pre-integrate quotations management features, these are some of the things you can do:

  • Quickly generate proposals, quotes & offers using pre-defined templates. Your proposal is generally the first communication with your customer. Create the best impression
  • Templates help you avoid mistakes on the part of your executives and create professional proposals with minimum effort. Advanced tools with HTML editor let you create templates with your logo and other images
  • With CRM analytical, you measure the effectiveness of your sales process and ultimately provide in-sights to help your decision making.
  • Analyze your CRM data and quickly generate meaningful charts based on various parameters such as Product, Source, Executive, Campaign, Follow-ups, Responses and track your quotations in-order to convert them into sales order and add the feather to cap by contributing to the profits and the sales of the company


Time is a crucial factor in whatever business or profession you are in. There is an old saying which goes by “Time is Money.” And indeed it is! Today, in modern times, it holds even more relevant.

One of our clients who were facing a problem with issues related to employees, wherein if one employee who was responsible for preparing quotations were absent from work, it would affect the entire sales process resulting into a pause and delay the upcoming activities. Customer service lags are never in favor of Company. Automated quotations management helps any supporting executive to send the quotations from the software. It eliminates the need for finding formats or creating new ones or being over-dependant on your employees. You can send the quotations from the comfort of your home by simply logging into TEZ ERP®, and save your time and be efficient in managing the activities.

The most critical relevance of putting your business on auto-pilot mode is eliminating dependency by setting standards and process that meet the needs of your business. Do you want a free quotation management software? It comes with our TEZ ERP® software. Let us meet over coffee to tell you what more you can get from one integrated software. Call us now.



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