What is Sales and Billing Management?

Sales and Billing Management helps to keep the cash flow of the company healthy. Sending of Invoices, Overlooking the Payments, Follow-ups of the Payments are the areas covered under these.

Whenever your business expands, your financial data grows complex. Handling accounts in excel sheets becomes confusing, time-consuming, and prone to errors. To accommodate the complex financial data, Business owners have to think beyond the traditional accounting. It’s time to move to the Cloud.

Invoicing & Billing are essential for the smooth functioning of Business and are the primary source of cash flow for businesses. Physical (Paper) Invoices can be a real problem for business, as you need a reliable storage area to organize the paper documents, thus increasing the operating cost of the Business. The tracking of physical invoices also becomes a tedious task, thus delay in the follow-up of the pending payments. It is also suitable for businesses on the go.

TEZ ERP® addresses the above effectively & provides an entire sales & billing management feature for quick and easy invoicing. Generating GST compliant invoices in our accounting software is very fast and effortless. You can print and/or email invoices manually or automatically. You can also customize your invoices as per your brand identity as TEZ ERP® configuration settings allow you to add your logo, choose your format, and even add/remove columns. Automatic calculation of SGST, CGST, IGST by applying GST rules helps to effortlessly file the GST Returns and E-Way Bills. A GST Compliant Accounting made in accordance with Indian Accounting Standard for Indian Business Owners.

With TEZ ERP®, save paper & space by going green with electronic documents. You can attach a soft copy of documents in PDF and JPG Format to each voucher and can send them to respective clients.

Features of Sales and Billing Management Accounting Software:

  1. Create and Customize Invoices
  2. Automatic SMS & Email of Invoices
  3. Generate JSON file for Eway bills with a single click
  4. Integrate with payment gateway for easy collection
  5. Quick receipts directly from sales vouchers
  6. Track sales by Branch, Location, Excutive or Agent
  7. Create Recurring Invoices with automated alerts
  8. Generate Financial Reports to track pending payments for healthy cash flow
  9. Attach supporting documents wih every invoice
  10. All of your documents and financial records are secured in cloud storage
  11. GST Compliant Invoices
  12. Cost-Effective & Saves Time


Being a sole proprietor of business brings along a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. In the initial stages of the company, you don’t have enough staff for the back-up and such was the case of one of our client. Handling the Business solely, he had to double up for business development and managing the current clients. One of his customers had an urgent requirement on the day of a scheduled meeting with an important prospect. The process of supplying the materials could be done with the help of a single phone call, but invoicing it was a significant task. With TEZ ERP®, not only he was able to fulfill the requirements of his customer but was also able to send invoices on the go, while he was on his way to a business meeting. In today’s competitive world, the need to act upon your opportunity effectively is what can drive entrepreneurship to the more substantial interest of the economy.



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