There is much more beyond closing a sale. Efficient Order Management system ensures that a successful closure opens the door for a new order

Sales Order is the starting point of a relationship. What if we tell you that tracking and fulfilling sales orders, can be efficient and simplified through automation? Yes, we do agree that many software have made this possible, but we pride in integrating all conceivable business functions into one super-efficient program, and Order Management is one of its efficient modules. It includes the cycle of people, processes, and suppliers to create a positive customer experience. The order management process starts from the time a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled.

The system maintains a record of every customer, which includes purchase history, payment method, and volume of order. Notifications are given to warehouses to fulfill the order by the sales department of the company, and then the order is shipped to the customer. You can sell more with efficient Order Management.

The complete order management process includes:

  1. Placing of Order: The customer record of who places the order receives it and pays for it
  2. Customer Experience: The sales and/or customer service then discuss the order with the customer and enter the order into system to be filled
  3. Order Fulfillment: The order is then directed to the warehouse that carries the inventory, to process and fulfill the order
  4. Order Entry: Entering in accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger that generates invoices and accepts payments
  5. Delivering of Order: Shipping service providers or partners then deliver the goods to the customer
With TEZ ERP® software, you can do the following in simple clicks:
  • Create and track sales orders received from clients
  • Print and mail sales orders directly from the CRM
  • Integrate CRM with Accounting System to directly create invoices from sales orders
  • Track pending orders
  • Track inventory available at various locations at the time of booking an order
  • Create purchase orders, delivery challans, and proforma invoices from Sales Order
  • All documents are linked to the invoicing system of TEZ ERP® so that you can create invoices on a single click. You can also track pending orders and unbilled Challans
  • Order Management helps in gaining customer satisfaction resulting in improved sales and profits

Benefits of order management in Tez ERP:

  • Saves time in processing orders
  • Eliminate the errors in order processing
  • Real-Time information through analytics across multiple sales channels
  • Manage your orders from anywhere
  • Centralize your orders received from multiple marketplaces
  • Track stock movement from warehouses to the customers
  • Handle returns and refunds
  • Maintain records of billing and payments
  • Process and fulfill orders


An efficient order management software helps in customer satisfaction by effectively carrying out the order fulfillment.

One of our clients, who was facing a problem with the fulfillment of orders, decided to try our order management system. Now this client was happy with our efficient accounting software but with our regular help-desk follow up, we realized that he was not using the software to its full potential. We immediately assigned our training executive to visit his staff and train them on the order management system. The client was happy that with TEZ ERP®, he was able to streamline the whole order management process starting from placing of order by customers to delivering the order. The process in between is managed effectively and efficiently by TEZ ERP®, thus reducing the cost. As a growing SME, he was also able to keep track of inventory, real-time. Whenever there is order to be fulfilled, inventory is updated with all the items. This inbuilt stock management system send MIS alerts of stock updates to the owners whenever the particular items or materials go below the re-order level, thus eliminating the risk of non-fulfillment.

If you are trader or a manufacturer and have regular orders in the pipeline, its time to switch to TEZ ERP® – the ONLY integrated software in recent times that answers all your day to day business challenges. Meet us over coffee to discuss more.


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