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Class Management

Why is TEZ ERP® the best suited software for institutes


Send automated alerts to your Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff. Remain updated through MIS alerts.


Latest technology and Intuitive user-interface gets new users started with very little training.


Get 24x7 access from any location for real-time data capturing & analysis using your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile


Smart features like WhatsApp Chatbot, Integrated Business Banking and Document Management simplify your work


Made in India keeping Indian businesses in mind. The software is fully compliant with Indian laws.


256-bit encryption, role-based security with Audit-trail, n-tier architecture keeps your data safe and secure.

Every feature that your institute needs

TEZ ERP® provides enough head-room to meet your current and future requirements.
Technology is evolving and features are added regularly to provide you the competitive edge.

Complete solution for
managing educational institutes

To survive and grow in competetive environment, institutes needs to manage various aspects of their business. This includes managing enquires, admissions, attendance, lectures, syllabus, performance, communication, fees, faculty payments, expenses, accounts and inventory.

TEZ ERP® puts you in total control of your institute and helps your monitor KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of your institute. You can automate most of the routine tasks and give seamless experience to your students and their parents.


Improve your relations with
Students and their Parents

Better communication leads to improved relations. Multiple channels like WhatsApp messages, Chatbots, Mobile App, Website with login, Emails and SMS keep students and parents informed by providing information on their finger-tips.


WhatsApp Chatbot
A game changer

With Edify ERP, you can automate responses to most of the queries received from Students and Parents. This results in significant saving for the institute in terms of manpower, time and costs.

Let us face it - many parents do not check SMS anymore. WhatsApp is a leader in messaging platform and we need to be where our customers are. With Edify ERP you can send messages on WhatsApp, Mobile App, Email and SMS.




Manage your enquiry pipe-line and effectively track leads. It simplifies reporting and monitoring of counsellors. Data capturing can be automated through Lead integration and API for your web-site and popular portals like Just Dial.

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Convert leads into Admissions with complete details of the student including their photograph, contact information, parent/guardian details, course, branch, batch, fees, installment plan and subjects selected.

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Create time-table and lectures. Track lecture-wise attendance & extra lectures. Send SMS & WhatsApp alerts to faculty, students & parents. Track faculty performance with late start, early end and lecture cancellations. Track chapter-wise syllabus and compare planned v/s actual time spent.

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Track daily or lecture-wise attendance of students and send daily/monthly attendance alerts to absentees and their parents. Automate attendance using Bar Code, RFID or biometric machines. Use Auto-SMS feature to send alerts to parents when a student reaches or leaves the institute.

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Create schedule for online and offline tests/exams and sent alerts by SMS, Email & WhatsApp to students, parents and faculty. Update test attendance from biometeric readers and send absentee alerts. Enter marks scored by each student and send SMS/WhatsApp alerts for performance. You can also generate marksheets, report cards and performance graphs.

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Define course-wise fees, installment plan and assign customized plan to each student. Print fee receipts and track fees, discounts, installments, receipts, tax, outstanding amount and amount overdue. Send installment alerts and overdue reminders by SMS, Email & WhatsApp.

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Track disciplinary progress of the students with remarks. This works like the school calendar but has many advantages. You can send automatic alerts to students and parents. You can also use this module to track all communication and interaction with students and parents.

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Student's Portal


Allow Students and Parents to login from your website and view their lectures and test schedule, marks scored, performance graphs, attendance records, notes, notices, events and other information. Allow students to raise queries, give suggestions & feedback and faculty/management to respond.

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Complete books of accounts with Fees charged, Sales, Purchases, Receipts, Payments, Expense Vouchers, Cash book, Bank Book, Debit and Credit Notes, Journal Vouchers, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

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Inventory management helps you track inventory at each location. Track inventory items such as Books, Bags etc. purchased, transferred to branches & distributed to students or faculty. Use multi-level grouping to track course-wise material.

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Simplify taxation by quickly generating statutory reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-2A, HSN-Summary, E-Invoice, E-way bills etc. These can be directly uploaded to government portals. Also track TDS deducted and TDS payable.

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Payroll with Attendance & Leave Management for teaching and non-teaching staff. Use bio-metric readers to track attendance and calculate salaries. Define leave structures, allow employees to apply for leaves and management to approve/decline requests online.

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Auto SMS


Send automated alerts to parents when a student reaches or leaves the institute. This feature requires a Barcode / RFID / Biometric readers or face-recognition device. Attendance is automatically marked for the students and you can send absentee alerts to students and parents who have not marked their presence.

Online Exams


Conduct on-line tests based on MCQ or fill-in-the-blank type questions, without creating question bank. You can upload question paper in PDF format or using Word Templates. ERP automatically reads word templates, bifurcates questions and shows questions one-at-a-time on Student's PC or Mobile. Student's can view instant results and solutions after completing the test.



Many parents can not read or understand messages in English. ERP can send alerts for Lectures, Attendance, Test schedule, Marks scored etc. in the mother-tongue of each student/parent. Currently the system supports English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati languages.



ERP can send attendance, performance, fees and other alerts using WhatsApp, Mobile App, Email and SMS. You can also use WhatsApp Chatbot to automate responses to most of the queries received from Students and Parents, so they can get answer to their queries without having to call the institute.



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