Why is TEZ ERP® the best suited software for small and medium sized businesses


Get quick response even with very large data volumes and hundreds of users connected simultaneously.


Latest technology and Intuitive user-interface gets new users started with very little training.


Get 24x7 access from any location for real-time data capturing & analysis using your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile


Smart features like WhatsApp Chatbot, Integrated Business Banking and Document Management simplify your work


Made in India keeping Indian businesses in mind. The software is fully compliant with Indian laws.


256-bit encryption, role-based security with Audit-trail, n-tier architecture keeps your data safe and secure.

Grow your business

TEZ ERP® can help you save time, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase client base. How? It has host of features designed specifically for Chartered Accountants and Accounting Service Providers, which help you simplify work and increase your horizons.

  1. Office automation ensures that you get timely inputs from clients, by sending rule-based reminders to clients, employees and partners, through SMS, Email & WhatsApp. This avoids last minute pressure and saves on fines and penalties.
  2. Remote data-access helps you access client-data in real-time. It simplifies compliance and enables you to provide timely advice.
  3. Job and task management simplifies the process of creating, assigning and monitoring tasks. It keeps all stake-holders updated on status of each task assigned to them.
  4. Renewal reminders ensure that you and your client are updated about expiring items like licenses, certificates, digital signatures etc.
  5. Configurable dashboard provides information on your finger-tips, so you and your team can focus on tasks that require your immediate attention.
  6. Receivable management simplifies billing and collections and hence it improves your cash-flow
  7. Expense management linked to tasks ensures timely data-collection and smooth reimbursement. It simplifies the process of claiming and approving out-of-pocket expenses
  8. If you also provide accounting services, shoe-box accounting helps you cater to clients beyond your geographical limits.
  9. You can also use automation tools to provide additional services such as MIS alerts, overdue reminders etc. to your clients.
  10. Unique features like WhatsApp Chatbot allow your clients to access information in real-time, without having to call you. Clients who are not tech-savvy and clients who need information on-the-go, find this very handy

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Office Automation

CAs office is regularly up against deadlines. Coordinating with clients to get timely information is difficult and in-spite of repeated reminders, many clients provide information on the last-day. This leads to lot of pressure and last-minute rush.

Many people feel that the work load has increased after introduction of GST. There are so many important files, records, vouchers to track and it becomes difficult to find a document when required. Wouldn’t it be better if all this was automated and accessible at a click? Yes, this is possible!!!

TEZ ERP® is software specially designed to meet the requirements of Chartered Accountants. It is a cloud-based solution, which can be accessed 24 x 7 by you and your team, from anywhere, using any device connected to internet, including your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

You can define the services you offer, create a list of tasks under each service and specify due-date for each service. You can then select the clients for each service. Once this is done, system will automatically send rule-based Email, SMS and WhatsApp reminders to your client and your staff as per the compliance calendar.

Automated alerts help you easily meet deadlines and avoids last minute pressure. Configurable dashboard gives you complete control and helps you track tasks which required urgent attention.

Renewal Reminders

You collected all data, spent hours in computing figures and you are ready to upload returns. But then you realize that the digital signature has expired …

Sound familiar? What if you had a simple system to track the location and renewal of digital signatures and other important items like FSSAI License, Gumastha, Insurance etc.?

TEZ ERP® helps you track all renewals and sends rule-based reminders to the client and to your team through SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

This avoids last-minute rush, saves on penalties and create a professional image with your client.

Task Management

It is said that “What gets measured gets done”. Regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused — because you use this information to make decisions and improve results. You could measure how much time each employee is spending on any activity.

You can create jobs manually or automatically based on the compliance calendar. You can allocate these jobs to one or more employees. Each employee can update the status of his own tasks along with time taken for the task. This helps you monitor the status and the cost of each job based on the CTC of that employee.

You can also compare planned time v/s actual time spent and planned cost v/s actual cost of the job. You can know the profitability from each job by comparing the cost of each job v/s the amount charged for the same. You can also know the productivity of each employee by checking the time spent by each employee on various tasks.

Receivable Management

Receivable Management ensures that the cleints pay their invoices in time and helps prevent overdue payment or non-payment. It results in better cash flow and higher available liquidity for use in investments or acquisitions, thus contributing to a company’s profit.

With TEZ ERP® you can track unbilled jobs and create invoices with a single click. Invoices can be sent automatically when created through SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

TEZ ERP® also has an automatic reminder system where you can define multiple reminders before and after due-date of the Invoice. System can proactively send daily, weekly, monthly alerts to clients, employees and owners/partners of your firm, so you are always on updated about defaulting clients

You can also use integrated payment gateway, which allows your clients to make payments using debit cards, credit cards, net banking and other modes. When a client pays using the integrated payment gateway, system automatically creates a receipt in the accounting system, and mails the same to the client, thus reducing manual work.

Electronic Shoe-box

Shoe-box accounting is a concept where business owner simply dumps all bills, vouchers and documents in a box and the accountant periodically does the accounting and filing.

TEZ ERP® provides your clients with an electronic shoe-box. Users can dump documents by uploading, sending an email, using the Mobile App or simply by sending a WhatsApp message. Your team can access these documents based on privileges assigned to them. They can make accounting entries and attach the document to the corresponding voucher.

This entire process provides a highly simplified and transparent process where the client need not worry about accounting while he can access the information whenever required. System keeps track of pending documents and audit log of when the document was submitted and when was it processed.

With shoe-box accounting you can minimize client visits. This helps you expand your horizons and cater to clients in other cities or countries, where you do not have local presence.

Expense Management

Claiming out-of-pocket expenses, approving and then reimbursing them is a time-consuming task. A lot of time is wasted in tracking, checking and processing.

With TEZ ERP®, team members can simply specify the amount spent for any task along with the time-sheet and when a manager approves the time-sheet, the expense is also approved. Team members can periodically generate a report of approved expenses and accounting team can process the same without having to bother about separate approvals.

It is observed that many team members do not enter time-sheets regularly, but they are particular about claiming their expenses. Linking time-sheets to expense reimbursement ensures that time-sheets are regularly updated. This creates a win-win situation for team members and the management, ensuring that data is collected regularly, approved timely and reimbursements happen smoothly.




Complete books of accounts with Cash Purchase, Credit Purchase, Cash Sale, Credit Sale, Receipts, Payments, Expense Vouchers, Cash book, Bank Book, Debit and Credit Notes, Journal Vouchers, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

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Inventory management with multi-level Inventory grouping. Supports inventory for manufacturers with Bill of Materials and Production register. Inbuilt Serial-number tracking for Electronic industry. Bar-code generation, POS billing and much more.

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Simplify taxation by quickly generating statutory reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, HSN-Summary, E-Invoice, E-way bills etc. These can be directly uploaded to government portals. Also track TDS deducted and TDS payable.

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Document Management

Document Management

Save paper and GO-GREEN with e-documents. You can attach supporting documents to each voucher and quickly search, download, print and mail documents from any location.

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Manage your sales pipe-line and effectively track leads. It simplifies reporting and monitoring of sales team. Data capturing can be automated through Lead integration and API for your web-site, Just Dial, Sulekha, Urban Pro etc.

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Create jobs/tasks with estimated time required and due-date. Employees can update time-sheets and status of each task assigned to them. Calculate cost of each job based on employee CTC. Track profitability from customers and productivity of employees.

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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Allow your customers to login from your website. Depending on your settings, they can view, download and print Orders, Invoices and Ledger. They can also be allowed to create Orders, complaint tickets and track their status.

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Payroll with Attendance & Leave Management. You can manage attendance with bio-metric readers and calculate salaries. Define leave structures, allow employees to apply for leaves and management to approve/decline requests online.

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