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24x7 access from any location for real-time data capturing & analysis.

Mobile responsive

Can be used from PC, Laptop, Mac book, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.


Intuitive user interface gets users started with very little training.


256-bit encryption, role-based security with Audit-trail.


If you operate multiple entities with similar products and customer base, you can create companies and generate consolidated statements.


If you operate from multiple locations, you can track transactions and expenses for each location and generate consolidated statements.


You can create multiple departments, such as Sales, Purchase, Admin, Exports, and allocate vouchers to these departments.


If you have multiple GST numbers, you can easily track transactions for each GSTIN, generate reports, and file returns for each GSTIN.


Create multiple currencies for import/export transactions and track exchange rates with forex gain/loss. Print invoice/ledger in foreign currency.

Multi-window operations

Work simultaneously on multiple vouchers in different windows/tabs for the same or different entity, branch, or department.


Create multiple users and assign them one or more roles with role-based security. Assign privileges for specific features, modules, entities, branches and departments.


Track each and every change made to every voucher. You can track who made what change, when was the change made, and from which IP address.

Email/SMS/WhatsApp alerts

Send automated alerts to Customers, Vendors, Agents, and Employees for Orders, Bills, Receipts, Payment etc. through Email, SMS, and WhatsApp

WhatsApp Chatbot

Simply ask questions such as "Sale last month", "Bank Balance", "Stock of XYZ item", "Ledger of XYZ party" on WhatsApp and the system sends you the relevant information.

WhatsApp Transactions

Create new Sales Orders, Invoices, Receipts, etc. simply by sending a WhatsApp message. You can also add new customers or new items using WhatsApp messages.


Upload documents in the shoebox through WhatsApp. The accounts Team can track pending documents and create vouchers based on these documents.


Go green with document management. Attach bills to vouchers (Ex. Purchase orders, bills, expense vouchers, delivery challans) and access them from anywhere.


Business analytics help you take data-driven decisions. Ex. Track sales by Customer, Agent, Product, Location, etc. with real-time Graphs and reports.


Send automated alerts/reminders to customers, vendors, employees & agents. Ex. Get alerts for items below reorder level and create Purchase Orders with a single click.

Complete Accounting

Complete books of accounts with Purchases, Sales, Receipts, Payments, Expenses, Ledgers, Trial Balance, P&L, and Balance Sheet.

Multi-location Inventory

Track inventory at multiple locations. The system supports multi-level product grouping and valuation on Average Price, LIFO, or FIFO basis.

Inventory Aging

Generate Aging report for unsold stock and track slow-moving items. Track stock not sold for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or any other period.

GST Public Search

Create customers and vendors simply by entering their GST No. The system automatically picks up their name and address from the GST portal so you don't need enter them manually.

GST Returns

Generate GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B directly from the system. Download data in Excel/JSON format or upload them on the GST portal using the integrated GST API.

GSTR 2A Matching

Download GSTR 2A from GST portal using API or JSON files and match GST data with purchases. Easily identify differences and quickly add/update entries.

E-Way Bills

Create E-way bills directly from the sales invoice. The system automatically picks all data from the sales invoice and creates E-way bill on the GST portal.


Create E-Invoice directly from the sales invoice. Tez Books uploads the Invoice on the GST portal, updates IRN No. and creates the QR Code for billing.

Order Management

Track pending sales orders, purchase orders, GRN, PI & Challans. Quickly convert Delivery Challans, Proforma Invoices, and Sales Orders to Sales Invoices.


Quickly create Invoices with the logo, directly or through WhatsApp Messages. You can also convert SO/PI/DC to Invoice. Multiple formats available for different use cases

Agent/Salesman module

Track sales done by each salesman/Agent. Also, send automated alerts to the corresponding Agent when a bill is made, bill becomes due or when a payment is received.

Bar Codes/POS

Generate bar codes based on purchases and use them for billing. Supports specific models of bar-code printers and normal laser printers with sticker sheets.

Batch No./Serial No. tracking

Track Batch No. of goods received, sold, or transferred. You can also the track expiry date (if applicable). Serial number of each item can be tracked for electronics.

Digital Signature

You can affix your digital signature from a scanned image or dongle-based digital signature (DSC - Digital Signature Certificate) to purchase orders, bills, and vouchers.

Integrated Banking

Tez Books is integrated with ICICI Business banking. It allows you to quickly fetch and reconcile bank statements and make payments without logging into your bank.

Bank Reconciliation

Upload bank statements in Excel/CSV format and reconcile bank statements manually or with the Auto-Reco system. Quickly add missing entries with a single click.

Payment Gateway

Link your PG account (from supported providers) and get payments through debit/credit card and net banking. Receipts are automatically created for successful payments.

Customer Portal

Provide secure access to your customer from your website. They can use their registered Mobile/Email ID to access their orders, bills, receipts, and ledger account.

Credit Management

Assign credit limits to each client and ensure that the total of unpaid bills does not increase the credit limit. Also, control the maximum number of unpaid bills.

Receivable Management

Send payment alerts for unpaid bills through Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Send Payment link with reminders and allow customers to make online payments.

Payable Management

Get automated alerts for payments due and quickly create payment vouchers. Use connecting banking to quickly make multiple payments with a single OTP.

Aging Analysis

Generate Aging report for sales invoices and purchase bills. Track outstanding bills for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, > 90 days or for any other period.

Configurable Reports

Use predefined templates to generate PDF/CSV or Print reports. Reports can be configured as per your requirement by adding, removing, reorganizing, or renaming columns.

Configurable Dashboard

Tez Books has many widgets and each user can configure his own dashboard by choosing the widgets as per roles and privileges assigned to him.

Bulk Import

Your existing transactions, item master, customers, vendors, employees, and account heads can be transferred to Tez Books using compatible Excel/XML formats.

Data Backup

You can download data in Excel/XML formats for backup purposes. You can also opt for an FTP account @Rs.5k/year to get daily data dump in MS SQL format.

Recycle bin

All deleted vouchers are stored in the recycle bin and you can retrieve these vouchers if required, or the admin can delete them permanently.

Transaction Alerts

Send automated alerts to Customers, Vendors, Agents, or Employees on creation of various transactions such as SO, PO, DC, PI, Invoice, Receipt, Payment, DRN, CRN, etc.

Low-stock alerts

Set reorder level for important items and get automated Email/WhatsApp alerts when the stock of these items falls below their threshold limit.

MIS alerts

Get daily automated alerts for Total Cash and Credit Sale, Cash and Credit Purchases, total collection, total payments, cash balance, and bank balance.

PDC Alerts

Send automated alerts on or before the cheque date for PDCs to Customers, Agents, Branch Managers, and the Management through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.


Send automated birthday and anniversary messages to Customers, Vendors, and Employees. Also sent birthday/anniversary alerts to Agents and Management.

Recurring Vouchers

Create recurring vouchers for routine sales invoices such as AMC, Retainership bills, Consultancy charges or expenses such as Rent, EMI, and Maintenance charges.

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