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A Smart Alternative to Tally

Tez Books v/s Tally Accounting Solution

It's 2023, DOS is dead


Tally from Tally Solutions is a dominant accounting software player with decades of Indian market presence, but a lot has changed in the field of accounting since introduction of cloud-based accounting. Thanks to JIO and WhatsApp, almost every-one is connected and they are used to applications with classy, sleek design. Why should your accounting app look like 1980's? Tez BooksTM offers you a smooth and intuitive user-experience, with an attractive design that is Fast, Smart and super easy-to-use.

Modern solutions for Modern Businesses


You can not manage tomorrow's business with yesterday's methods. Growing businesses need more than a simple accounting software...

  1. Does it allow you to captature data at source?
  2. Does it provide real-time reports and analytics to help you take data-driven decisions?
  3. Does it provide integration with modern communication tools such as WhatsApp, Email and SMS?
  4. Does it automatically create receipts for on-line payments and mail them to customers?
  5. Does it allow users to create orders, invoices, receipts and reports simply by sending a WhatsApp message?
  6. Can it automatacally send payment reminders and allow your customers to make direct payment using debit/credit card, NEFT/IMPS or UPI ?
  7. Can it help you track documents?
  8. Can it help you monitor KPI by sending automated alerts?

No? It's time to move on...

Get Real Time Access to Data

If you have multiple offices / factories, all users from all locations can simultaneously create or update entries and access relevant information. You don't need to worry about synchronizing data as it is all done in real-time

If you are a person on the move, TEZ BooksTM lets you access your data in real time from any location. You can access your data using your PC, Laptop, Mac book, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

You can grant specific access to your employees, and they can update information in real-time using their mobile phone or simply by sending a WhatsApp Message. This can help you capture data at source and simplify reporting and MIS




Tez BooksTM is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It can be easily operated by anyone without any prior accounting knowledge or software training. Tez BooksTM can be used in small or medium sized businesses wherein the Entrepreneur would like to have easily accessible and understandable accounting information and reports.

Tally ERP 9 is powerful and popular. However, many users demand a very user-friendly software. Maintaining and accessing accounts on traditional software is only possible for people with good accounting knowledge and that too after a lot of training and experience with the software. It can be a nightmare for people who are not trained or accustomed to the software. Entrepreneurs not having suffecient experience on such software would find it hard to access and understand accounting information.


Business is all about taking right decisions at the right time. Tez BooksTM helps entrepreneurs take informed decisions as they can easily monitor KPI (Key Performance Indexes) of their business. All stake holders are regularly updated about various aspects of their business through MIS alerts. Moreover, they have information available at their figer-tips as they can access their dashboard and all data, reports and graphs from their mobile phone.

Tally ERP 9 has powerful reports but it lacks MIS alerts and Analytics with graphs. Moreover, most entrepreneurs have to depend on trained personnel to access this information. As the data is not captured at source, more often than not, the information and reports may not be relevant by the time they are presented to the management.


With Latest Technology Come Innovative Features

Traditional Software
Tez Books
Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive design which can be accessed from your PC, laptop, Mac book, tablet or Mobile
Cloud based
Get 24x7 access from any location, even when you are travelling
Business insight with Analytics and dashboards
Generate dynamic graphs and reports to analyse your data based on multiple criteria’s
Agent/Broker/Sales executive module
Generate graphs and reports to analyse transaction of any Agent, Broker or Sales Executive
Delivery Challan / Proforma Invoice linking
Create invoice directly from Proforma Invoice or Delivery Challans and track unbilled challans
SMS/Email & WhatsApp Integration
Send automated SMS/Email/WhatsApp alerts for transactions and events
MIS alerts
Get SMS/Email alerts for daily sales and collection, stock below reorder level etc.
Multi-window operation
Work simultaneously on multiple vouchers without closing current transaction
Multi-Location access
Multiple users from multiple locations can simultaneously access and update data in real-time.
Multi-Company / Branch / Department
View consolidated data from multiple Companies, Branches or Departments
Role based security with audit trail
Give restricted rights to users and track detailed activities of each user
Document Management
Attach PDF/JPG to each voucher and view/print with quick search
Configurable screens and reports
Easily add or remove columns from screens and reports
Payment Gateway Integration
Accept payments through net-banking, debit/credit cards etc. and create automatic receipts
Learning curve
You don't need to do a course or be an expert accountant

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