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Business Analytics:

Business Analytics refers to “The study of data through statistical and operations analysis. It is evidence-based data for business modeling and decision-making.” Tez Books empowers you with real-time graphs and reports to help you take data-driven decisions. Insights provided by business analytics enable you to optimize your business processes.

Business Analytics makes it possible for you to automate decision-making with real-time analytics. Analyzing the data more often not only increases efficiency but also helps identify new business opportunities. You can get a better view of what the organization is doing efficiently or can do more efficiently. In simple words, Business Analytics is an excellent tool to see ahead of time and make changes in your business processes to reap better profits by making timely corrections or changes. This will help you anticipate what’s coming, while Business Intelligence will tell you what happened.

What are important parameters for decision-making?

  1. You should have access to real-time information
  2. For this, data should be captured at the source
  3. Reports and graphs should be integrated
  4. Key Performance Indicators should be available on Dashboard
  5. You should be able to drill down, update information and see its effect

Well, our software TEZ Books makes this process easy for you by providing your real-time Business Insights with Analytics. Data Analytics provides Business Intelligence to help you in your decision-making.The dashboard and Analytics give you a synopsis of your business and help you monitor your KPIs (Key-Performance-Indexes). There are many shortcuts to drill down the o voucher level and to quickly add new vouchers or generate various reports.

What’s more, each user can configure the dashboard based on his/her KRA and the privileges assigned to him/her. You could quickly create graphs and reports for sales by each Executive or Agent, Month wise sales, Product wise sales, Location wise sales, Customer wise products sold, Expenses, Profit, and various other parameters that you want to analyze, review and act upon.

Once you start using Tez Books’ customized dashboard and analytics, you can focus on one of the following for your business:

  1. Accelerating and improving decision making
  2. Optimizing internal Business Processes
  3. Gaining a competitive advantage over business rivals
  4. Identifying Market trends
  5. Spotting Business Problems that need to be addressed

For a business owner, TEZ Books dashboard provides you the real-time analytics of your business:


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