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MIS Alerts

It is always said Accountants should have Communication, Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills to help the management with the answers they are looking for to achieve their goals. The scope of work of an Accountant cannot be jotted down in a to-do-list to be accomplished as his tasks are recurring every month. To err is human. Being late on payment follow-up, delay in generating Invoices and issuing them, creating and issuing purchase orders, monitoring of ROL’s (Min-stock / Re-order levels) are some of the areas where accountants find it difficult to keep track daily, affecting business cash-flow due to fluctuating receivables and payables follow up.

If you were to compute an accountant’s hourly value for his work in your organization, consider the cost of time he spends on the menial but essential task of sending emails, reminders, and follow up. And if you were to provide him with a low-skill assistant, you would still have to incur a monthly overhead. Now consider this – If these tasks were automated, your accountant could focus more on a productive function without having to monitor his assistant or compute his overhead cost to the company.

With our ground-breaking new-age accounting software, TEZ BOOKS, you can now send an automated WhatsApp, SMS and Email alerts to your Customers, Vendors, Agents, and staff, and remain updated through MIS alerts. Our software also helps to reduce cost as it is highly scalable and efficient. There is no need for an additional workforce for the follow-up of payments, and it can be automated by the configuration of Alerts Mechanism.

Well, we also took care of maintaining your relationships with your stakeholders. Yes, your TEZ BOOKS accounting software can also send promotional offers, birthday/anniversary wishes, and festive greetings. It is simple. Your database is already stored with all its details. A single message can be sent to your entire database in a few clicks with Bulk messaging tools integrated with the software itself. Now no more spending on buying SMS packages for wishing, product announcements or updates. TEZ BOOKS has it all.

With Transactions Alerts feature in TEZ BOOKS business software, you can always stay updated on which invoices are created, how many receipts are entered. The system, when updated, notifies the concerned person through transaction alerts. MIS Alerts helps the business owners know about the current situation of the organization without pulling out the financial reports. The sales and purchases for the day are notified through daily alerts. The dependency factor also gets eliminated to a large extent.

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