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Upgrade to TEZ BOOKS

Tez Books v/s Accounts ERP

Accounts ERP was the initial version of our cloud-based accounting software, with limited features, whereas Tez Books is a mature product with several additional controls and features.

Accounts ERP
TEZ Books
Complete accounting for multiple companies and multiple branches with Purchase, Sale, Cash, Bank, Receipts, Payments, Debit/Credit Notes, Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L & Balance sheet
Companywise A/c heads and items
Restrict A/c heads and items for selected companies, branches and departments
Order tracking
Track Purchase Order and Sales Orders and convert to GRN, Purchase bills, Delivery Challans, Sales Invoices with a single click.
Order management
Prioritize sales order based on availability of stocks, delivery date, order value and create purchase orders for shortages. Also create PO based on stock-in-hand, Reorder level, indents, orders and other parameters.
Inventory for traders
Multi-location inventory with purchase, sale, debit/credit notes, GRN, DC, Stock transfer and stock adjustments. Supports bar codes and serial number tracking
Create e-Invoice directly from software, update IRN of manually generated invoices and cancel invoices without having to log into GSTN portal.
GSTN Connectivity
Create e-way bill, upload GSTR 1, GSTR 3B and download GSTR 2A without using JSON files and without having to log onto GSTN portal. Note: GSP charges apply.
Payment Gateway
Send payment links and allow customers to make payment using net-banking and credit / debit cards. Invoices / Receipts are automatically created and mailed for successful payments. Note: Transaction charges apply.
Connected Banking with ICICI
Synchronize bank statements and easily do bank reconciliation. Also make secure payments to vendors and employees without having to add beneficiaries or entering multiple OTPs on bank portal.
Automation & MIS Alerts
Send automated time-based and event based alerts to customers, vendors, employees and management. Send alerts when the invoice is created and when payment made. Also send automated alerts when bills become due.
WhatsApp messages
Sent Invoices, Receipts and reminders as WhatsApp messages along with a copy of the invoice/receipt.
Use WhatsApp queries to get answers to routine queries without logging into the ERP and without generating reports. ERP identifies you based on your mobile numbers, checks your access rights, process your query and instantly provides you the relevant information.
24x7 access from any location using any device connected to internet, using your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.
Business Analytics
Take data-driving decisions with real-time data, graphs and reports.
CA / Accountant access
CAs can assign jobs and track pending tasks by employee, client or category. Track cost of each Job, profitability from a clients and productivity of each employee.
Simply put all documents in electronic shoe-box using WhatsApp, Email or Mobile. Accountant can process these documents and attach them to vouchers.
Customer Login
Allow customers to login to your website and view their orders, bills, ledger account and complaints. They can download and print invoices, receipts and ledger account and also make payments against pending invoices.
Cost Centre
Classify expenses into cost-centres and track income/expenses by cost-centre
Role-based Security
Create roles with specific privileges and assign roles to users, without having to define privileges for each and every users.
Audit Trail
Track complete history of each voucher along with changes made by each users

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