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Looking for an Alternative to QuickBooks ?

Intuit’s QuickBooks has been a popular choice for businesses in India for years. However, as Intuit recently announced that it will be shutting down QuickBooks in India, business owners are looking for alternative solutions.

There are many different software options available, but if you have been using QuickBooks for some time and are used to the beautiful interface provided by QuickBooks, Tez Books is the best choice. The user interface of Tez Books is very similar to Quick Books and this helps you get started very quickly.

You need to consider the following while migrating from QuickBooks to TezBooks:

  1. Fast and Powerful: TezBooks is designed to handle large amounts of data. It gives you quick response even with a very large number of Transactions, Customers, Vendors, and Inventory Items.
  2. User-Interface: The user interface and design of TezBooks is closest to the user interface and design of QuickBooks.
  3. Migration: TezBooks allows you to upload account heads, inventory masters, and transactions using excel templates. You can decide on a cut-off date, transfer the opening balances, and opening stocks, and get started quickly.
  4. Invoice Format: We will help you configure your invoice format to maintain continuity.
  5. Reporting: You can generate real-time graphs and reports for multiple entities and locations. Moreover, you can configure reports by adding, removing, renaming or moving columns as per your requirement.
  6. Accounting: TezBooks has been designed for Indian businesses, keeping Indian taxation, laws, and systems in mind. Reports generated from TezBooks, including sale register, purchase register, outstandings, closing stock, trial balance, profit and loss statement, and Balance sheet are all as per Indian standards and enjoy greater acceptability.
  7. Inventory: TezBooks supports multi-location inventory management with bar codes, serial number tracking, batch numbers, and expiry date.
  8. WhatsApp integration: Integrated Chatbot helps you create transactions and get information simply by sending WhatsApp messages.
  9. POS: You can use TezBooks POS in retail sales, to quickly generate bills using bar codes.
  10. Customer Portal: TezBooks allows your customer to easily access or download their orders, invoices, receipts, and ledger statements.
  11. Automation: TezBooks allows you to send automatic reminders to Customers, Vendors, Agents, Employees, and Management for various transactions.
  12. Payment Reminders: TezBooks allows you to configure payment terms for customers and specify the due date for each and every transaction. You can configure to send automatic payment reminders through Email, SMS, and WhatsApp, to Customers, Agents, Employees, and Management for various transactions.
  13. Payment Gateway: You can send a payment link with the invoice, and reminders. Customers can use this link to make payments using UPI, NEFT, RTGS, Credit or Debit card and the system automatically creates receipts for successful payments.
  14. E-Invoicing: You can use TezBooks for creating E-Invoice with a single click.
  15. E-Way Bills: You can generate E-Way bills directly from the sales invoice.
  16. GST: You can use TezBooks to file GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, and to match GSTR 2A.

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