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What is Sales and Billing Management?

Sales and Billing Management helps you focus in business growth and in keeping the cash flow of the company healthy. Sending of Invoices, Overlooking the Payments, Follow-ups of the Payments, analysing trends are the areas covered under these.

When your business expands, your financial data grows complex. Handling accounts of multiple locations in a desktop based software or excel sheets becomes confusing, time-consuming, and prone to errors. To accommodate the complex financial data, Business owners have to think beyond the traditional accounting. It’s time to move to the Cloud.

Invoicing & Billing are essential for the smooth functioning of Business and are the primary source of cash flow for businesses. Unless you have an efficient system to generate and manage invoices, tracking invoices becomes a tedious task, thus delay in the follow-up of the pending payments.

TEZ BOOKS addresses the above effectively & provides an entire sales & billing management feature for quick and easy invoicing. Generating GST compliant invoices in our accounting software is very fast and effortless. You can print and/or email invoices manually or automatically. You can also customize your invoices as per your brand identity as TEZ BOOKS configuration settings allow you to add your logo, choose your format, and even add or remove columns. Automatic calculation of SGST, CGST, IGST by applying GST rules helps to effortlessly file the GST Returns, E-Way Bills and E-Invoices. A GST Compliant Accounting made in accordance with Indian Accounting Standard for Indian Business Owners.

Features of Sales and Billing Management in Tez Books:

  1. Create Sales Orders (SO) from your PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone.
  2. Field staff can be allowed to create Sales Orders simply by sending a WhatsApp message
  3. Additionally customers can place orders from your Web Site by integrating our customer portal with your website.
  4. Configure the system to automatically send a copy of the Sales Order to the customers
  5. Track pending orders and create Delivery Challan (DC) / Proforma Invoice (PI) or Sales Invoice with a single click
  6. Attach copy of purchase order received from the customer to each SO
  7. Track unbilled Challans and create invoices against one or more Delivery Challans with a single click
  8. Create E-way bills from Sales Invoice and upload to GST Portal with a single click or by using JSON files
  9. Create E-Invoice from Sales Invoice and upload to GST Portal with a single click and print Invoices with QR Code and IRN Number
  10. Attach copy of signed-delivery challan, transport documents to Delivery Challans and Sales Invoices
  11. Create Goods Received Note (GRN) against DC for goods returned by the customer before billing.
  12. Create Credit Note from Sales bills for Goods returned inward.
  13. Use POS with bar-codes for quick billing
  14. Allow field-staff to quickly create invoices simply by sending a WhatsApp message
  15. Track unpaid bills and quickly create receipts
  16. Send automated reminders for bills due to customer, agent and branch, through SMS, Email and WhatsApp.
  17. Receive online payments through UPI, Debit/Credit cards and Net Banking through payment gateway
  18. Quickly cone bills for repeated transactions and convert to Purchase bills for inter-company transactions.
  19. Configure system to automatically create recurring bills for repeated transactions such as Retainer Fees
  20. Create multiple BILL TO and SHIP TO addresses with same or different GST No. for each customer and choose them at the time of billing.
  21. Define credit limits for each customer and ensure that users do not exceed this limit
  22. Define credit period for each customer and automatically assign due dates to each invoice based on the credit period. Tez Books allows you to over-ride the due date at transaction level.
  23. Use Aging Analysis to track unpaid bills for multiple period.
  24. Create professional invoices with your logo, terms and details as per your requirement by adding or removing columns
  25. Use Agent Master and select agent/sales-man for each customer or transaction, to track sale and outstanding for each Agent or Sales person
  26. Enjoy better speed, accuracy, visibility, and control over sales workflows.
  27. Use Analytics to analyse trends by customer, location, agent, item, period etc.
  28. Eliminate the risk of errors in bills and receipts. Every sale is tracked from order to payment, with all documents attached to each voucher.
  29. Take informed purchase decisions with all relevant information available whenever you need.

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