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Roles & Privileges

Control what each user can access or update

Financial Data Security is one of the major concerns of an organization. Traditional methods like Excel sheets and DOS based accounting system offer very little security as anyone with access to data can access everything or modify / delete information and the system does not track this. Manipulation of Data, leaking of confidential information are the recurring malpractices across all eras, all countries and millions of Corporations. Such breaches happen due to “loopholes” in accounting systems, providing ample leeway for these malpractices to be carried out. The responsibility of preventing, detecting & investigating financial frauds rests on the shoulder of the Chartered Accountant of the company while performing the audit. However, Business owners should adopt preventive steps to overcome these problems.

What is Role-based Access Security?

It restricts access based on an employee’s role within an organization. Companies are increasingly adopting such measures for advanced access control. Access of information is limited only to the extent of information necessary to effectively perform their jobs duties. Such access is based on several factors that include authority, responsibility, and job competency. It helps to secure your company’s sensitive data and important financial information.

TEZ BOOKS provides role-based security, which allows you to maintain control of each user’s activity as per his function in the company. You can give restricted access based on role, task, company, branch, department, or even location based on IP address. Our Audit trail helps you track the activities of each user. Moreover, you can allow employees to view only the entries created by them, or in case of Managers, allow them to see entries created by them and their downline.

Separate from user-based access, role-based access adds a different layer of security, A group of users like a purchase, sales, administration department take on assigned roles and are given access to the data required for their specific role within the organization. The main principle of this concept is giving users the lowest level of access and still be able to access the information required to complete their jobs. With the help of Audit trail, you can audit the transactions by a user, data range, audit object, or more. Reduction of errors makes your accounting more transparent.

With role-based security, you don’t need to assign privileges to each user. You could create a role as “Sales Executive” and assign it to all sales executives. When new sales executive joins, you don’t need to create fresh roles, but simply assign the existing role, saving a lot of time and effort.

Importance of Role-based Security:

  1. Maximizes Operational Performance
  2. Facilitates data collection at source by granting limited rights
  3. Reduces Internal & External Cost
  4. Meets Privacy & Confidentiality requirements
  5. Safeguards Financial & Intellectual Property
  6. Increases the profits of the Company using the job-work methodology

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