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1. Users Single Single Three Five 5 to 500
2. Entities Single Single Three Five Unlimited
3. GSTIN Single Single Five Ten Unlimited
4. Branch/Warehouse Single Single Five Ten Unlimited
5. Departments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
6. Cloud-based
7. Mobile-responsive
8. Multi-window operations
9. Configurable dashboard
10. Sales Order
11. Purchase Orders
12. GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
13. Delivery Challan
14. Proforma Invoices
15. Invoicing
16. Flexible Voucher Numbering
17. E-Way Bills (JSON) Optional
18. E-Way Bills (Upload) Optional
19. E-Invoicing
20. Email alerts
21. SMS integration
Free 100/mon

Free 250/mon

Free 500/mon

Free 500/mon
22. WhatsApp Integration
Free 25/mon

Free 50/mon

Free 100/mon
23. WhatsApp Chatbot
24. WhatsApp Transactions
25. Shoebox Accounting
26. Point of Sale (POS)
27. Bar-codes
28. Credit Management
29. Receivable Management
30. Payable Management
31. Payment Gateway
32. ICICI Business Banking
33. Bank Reconciliation
34. Cheque Printing
35. GST Public Search
36. GSTR 1 / 3B JSON
37. GSTR 1 / 3B Filing Optional
38. GSTR 2A/2B Matching Optional
39. Statutory Compliance (India)
40. Aging Analysis
41. Customizable Reports (Excel/PDF)
42. Custom voucher formats
43. Bulk Import (XML/CSV/XLS)
44. Download to Excel
45. PDF Creation
46. Batch No./Serial No. tracking
47. Batch Expiry Date
48. Multi-level inventory grouping
49. Multi-location inventory management
50. Partial data upload/update
51. Data Backup
51. FTP Account Optional Optional Optional
53. Export to Tally
54. Low-stock alerts
55. Transaction Alerts
56. MIS alerts
57. Auto Birthday Messages
58. Auto Anniversary Messages
59. Payment Reminders
60. PDC Alerts
61. Recurring Vouchers
62. Document Management
Free 250MB

Free 500MB

Free 1 GB

Free 2 GB
63. Transaction Limit 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 50,000
64. GSP Calls (Search/Returns)
Free 10/mon

Free 100/mon

Free 250/mon

Free 500/mon

65. Analytics
66. Digital Signature
67. Secure Server
68. Role-based security
69. Audit-trail
70. Recycle-bin
71. Online Training
72. Online Support
73. Ticketing System
74. Packing List
75. Pick List
76. Price Lists
77. Agent/Salesman module
78. Multi-Currency
79. Keyboard Shortcuts
80. Complete Accounting
81. Financial Reporting
82. Drill-down to voucher level
83. Group Ledgers
84. CA / Accountant direct access
85. Multi-company reports/statements
86. Approval Matrix
87. Big Data Support
88. Application Program Interface (API)
89. Report Generator
90. Order Management
91. Customer Portal Optional
92. Vendor portal Optional
93. Data Migration support Optional
94. Implementation support Optional
95. eShop Module Optional
96. Manufacturing Module Optional
97. Quality Control Module Optional
98. Job-work Module Optional
99. Lead Integration Optional
100. CRM module Optional
101. Quotations Optional
102. Help-desk module Optional
103. Task Management module Optional
104. Payroll module Optional
105. Customization Optional
106. Flexible Hosting Optional
Billed annually
Free ₹350/mo
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Signing up for Tez Books is easy. In the sign up page, provide your company name, email address, and contact number, GST No. (if applicable). On signing up, you get a fully-featured 7-day free trial of the product.

We provide three training sessions and free-support for one year.
Support is provided through remote connections and email, backed by robust ticketing system. Additional training sessions can be provided on chargeable basis.

Yes (Except for Free pack)
You can purchase additional pack for GSP Calls / Document Storage / Transactions as per your requirement.
Charges for additional GSP Calls is Rs.100/mon for 400 GSP calls/mon.
Document storage limit can be increased @Rs.100/mon per 100MB.
Transaction Limit can be increased @Rs. 100/mon per 1,000 transactions
(Max 25,000 transactions supported on Tez Books. For higher limits, use Tez ERP).

You can upgrade your pack anytime by paying the difference between the current pack and the new pack for the balance period.

Upgrades are provided free of cost and are automatically applied to your account when you login.

Your data is stored on IESL secured server.
Your data is stored on high-end cloud servers, provided by leading companies. The data centers are ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified and they are monitored 24x7 for both network and on-site security. Servers are protected using a multi-layer security architecture which includes network security devices, firewalls and gateway appliances.

Your data in Tez Books is very safe and secure.
The data is stored on MS-SQL Server, a commercial RDBMS system, which is highly dependable when compared to free database solutions such as MY-SQL. The data is accessed using isolation techniques through n-tier architecture, so the data layer cannot be directly accessed by the user layer. The data servers are regularly backed-up using automated agent-based backup system. The system automatically creates daily and weekly backups. Additionally, authorized users of your account can download data in MS-Excel or XML formats.

For ever.
The free plan of Tez Books remains free as long as your revenue falls under the threshold of 25 Lakhs for the financial year.

All prices are exclusive of Taxes and Duties. Currently you need to add GST @18%.

No. However, please note the following:
  • 1. Subscription charges include the cost of software license, online training and support.
  • 2. SMS/WhatsApp messages are provided free of cost based on your pack, additional messages can be purchased as per your requirement.
  • 3. Transaction limit and Data storage is provided based on your pack type. Most users do not exceed this limit, but if your usage exceeds these limits, you may need to buy additional storage space as needed.
  • 4. Free GSP calls are provided for public search and GST returns, based on your pack type. You may need to buy additional calls based on your usage.

We have provided templates for importing data from excel and XML files. We provide free training and support for data-migration, but you need to copy-paste data into these templates, import and verify the data yourself.

Most users opt for self-implementation. If you need assistance in implementation, our implementation partners can provide implementation support on a chargeable basis. The charges vary based on your team size, their expertise and time required for the implementation.